Quick fact: pets aren’t just good at picking up on the mood of their owners, but also good at masking the symptoms of illness.

Which is why a vet specialist is only as good as his or her ability to detect early signs of disease and provide preventive treatment to cure any ailment a pet may be facing. Our veterinarians possess a wealth of hands-on experience and always stay on top of the latest advances in veterinary technology. Moreover, we communicate effectively with owners to ensure the high accuracy of our diagnosis, preventive care, treatment and surgery.

Also, consistency is one of the keys to good quality of health and maximum lifespan. This goes to show how important it is to have regular veterinary visits and health monitoring of your beloved pets. For this reason, we create a conducive, stress-free environment for pets and pet owners for the highest level of comfort. Besides, we put emphasis in building a lasting, family-like relationship with every pet owner as well.

General Health Check and Wellness Care

Boosts your cat’s immunity against viruses, and shields it from internal and external parasites.

Services Included

Vaccination, Parasite Control (Deworm / Deflea), Geriatric care and Nutritional counselling

General & Orthopaedics Surgery Procedures

Improves the well-being of your pets and reduces morbidity rates via routine and non-routine surgeries.

Services Included

General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Neutering

Dental Treatment & Surgeries

Prevents and treats dental conditions, as good oral health goes a long way to enhance overall health.

Services Included

Teeth Extraction, Dental Scaling, Oral and maxillofacial surgery

In house Diagnostic Testing

Identifies potential hidden illnesses on tests well before the clinical symptoms manifest.

Services Included

Blood Test, Ultrasound and X-Ray

Medical Treatment & Consultation

Helps you understand better about your pet’s health concerns and best measures for pet care.

Accident & Emergency Cases

Provides prompt assistance and specific veterinary care to your panicky pets in times of need.

In-house Pharmacy

Stores the most commonly prescribed medications for you to pick up your pet’s medications conveniently.

Pet Grooming & Spa

Keeps your cat in tip-top shape and rejuvenated through our all-inclusive services.

Pet Boarding & Daycare

Ensures your cat is well taken care of in a premium, monitored environment when you need to be away.