Commonly Asked Questions

What type of pets do you attend to?

At Kitty’s Care, we welcome all breeds of cats, rabbits, birds, and other types of pets.

How does vaccination protect my pet?

With vaccination, your pets will have stronger immunity against the specific infection.

What vaccination does my cat require?

There are two types of vaccines namely core vaccine and non-core vaccine. The core vaccines we provide are 4-in-1 vaccines that protect your cats from Feline herpes virus, feline calici, chlamydia, and feline parvovirus.

How often should my pet be vaccinated?

Vaccines can be administered at the age of 8 weeks (1st vaccine), followed by the second booster and third booster in the interval of 1 month each. After completing the course, an early booster is required to enhance the existing immunity.

What is the ideal age for kitten sterilization?

The ideal age for female kittens to be spayed is around 4 to 5 months old. As for male kittens, the ideal age is around 5 months old upon the descent of testes.

How frequently should I bring my cat for dental care?

It is recommended to bring your cat for dental care every 6 month so that your cat can get the optimum preventative dental care.

Is yearly health examination necessary for my pet?

Annual health examination ensures your beloved pet’s health status is monitored closely so that many diseases can be prevented before worsening.

How many days in advance should I make an appointment?

It is best to make an appointment 2 to 3 days before.

What forms of payment does your clinic accept?

We accept most payment methods such as cash, debit card, credit card, ewallet or bank transfer.

Do you accept any instalment payment methods?

Yes, we can provide this payment method upon discussion with the management.

Is it difficult to care after sterilization is done?

For female cats, it is advised to cage them or limit their movements approximately 2 week after sterilization and monitor their suture site.

For male cats they need to be monitored for 3 days post-castration.

Is sterilization a painful procedure?

Our veterinarians will monitor the pain score and serve painkillers accordingly to minimize the pain for the cats throughout the procedure.

Does sterilization need an appointment?

Appointment is needed for sterilization as it involves preparation of slots for surgery as well as assessment of your cat before conducting the procedure.

Do I need to come back for suture removal after spaying my cat?

Based on our experience, there is a high chance you do not need to bring your cat for suture removal as we use absorbable suture material. Hence suture removal is not needed.

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